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How do I register?

You can register as an Stop N Top customer here by just filling in some of your details. You can also register on our mobile app. Welcome and Thanks for choosing Stop N Top.

I've forgotten my password! Can I reset it?

Yes! You can at any time reset your password from the login screen of the app. After filling in your email address you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password. If the email does not arrive within few minutes, please check your spam / junk mail folder. If there are any issues, please do not heistate to contact us / report an issue and someone from our team will help you!

How can I close my account?

To cancel / close your account, you can remove the payment details / card details from your account. This will stop the automatic top up. Your account will still be active and in use up until the funds expire or run out. If you'd like to cancel your account immediately, please fill in our contact form here Please note: Your balance will not be refunded if you have used your account. We're sorry to see you go.

Where can I view my charging history

You can view your charging history by logging onto the customer portal here. Once you have logged on, it will give you an option to view your charging history as well as your last charging session. You can also view your history via the mobile app. You can find under the profile page.

Jumlah Jam Bekerja

Jumlah jam bekerja [Total working hours] Jumlah jam bekerja yang akan diambil kira dalam sistem pemarkahan anda adalah berdasar pada waktu operasi zon di negeri anda masing-masing sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan.

Jam Bekerja Sebenar

Jam bekerja sebenar [Actual v.s. planned working hours] Kelewatan, 'break' dan 'no-show' akan dipertimbangkan dalam metrik ini. Sekiranya anda menghabiskan jumlah penuh jam yang dirancang atau diambil pada syif anda, anda akan mendapat % penuh untuk kriteria ini. Hanya syif asal anda akan diambil kira dalam metrik ini. Masa syif lanjutan anda tidak akan diambil kira atau menjejaskan pemarkahan anda dalam metrik ini. *Sila dimaklumkan bahawa ia adalah dikira berdasar pada skala SAAT, bukannya skala minit. Oleh itu, sila 'clock-in' beberapa minit lebih awal sebelum syif anda bermula. Contohnya, jika syif anda bermula pada 2PM, sila 'clock-in' pada 1:55PM supaya pemarkahan anda tidak terjejas.

Kadar Penerimaan Order

Acceptance rate = (order accepted - manual undispatches) / order notified Kadar penerimaan order = ( order yang rider terima - jumlah 'manual undispatch' order) / order yang masuk (Kadar penerimaan order = [order yang rider terima] tolak [ jumlah 'manual undispatch' order] kemudian dibahagi dengan [order yang masuk] *Sila diingati bahawa:- - Jika anda menerima notifikasi mengenai order masuk dan anda menolak order tersebut, kadar penerimaan order anda akan terjejas - 'Manual undispatch' selepas anda menerima order tersebut juga akan menjejaskan kadar penerimaan order anda Oleh itu, sila diingati bahawa anda sentiasa digalakkan untuk meneruskan penghantaran order tersebut selepas menerimanya supaya kadar penerimaan order anda tidak terjejas

Special Hours

Special hours diambil kira berdasar pada jumlah jam bekerja pada masa istimewa yang telah ditetapkan.




your car

What are the various plugs for?

There are 3 main plugs / sockets that you would find on our charging units. Type 2 - Standard charge point in EV charging & the most common plug. Type 2 is used for AC charging and is the charge point you would commonly use when you car is parked for a longer time than normal, such as shopping centres, workplace or a residential place. Charging power with a Type 2 plug is higher than with a traditional wall plug but the power output depends on your EV's charging capablities. CCS - Standard Charge point in quick charging. CCS plugs give out power as a direct current (DC) which means the charging power is significantly higher. CCS plugs are usually found along highways and garages where the stop for charging is kept to a minimum to allow for a continuation of a smooth journey. CHAdeMO - Japanese standard for quick charging. Usually quick chargers are equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs to allow maximum compatibility.

Why is my car charging lower than the maximum speed?

When charging, the Electric Vehicle and the charger are contantly communicating with each other with regards to how much power can be delivered. The speed of charging depends on many factors and in many cases the maximum power of the charging device is not reached constantly. The following things affect the charging power: State and condition of the battery Onboard charger of the vehicle Electric grid state Load balancing of the location Temperature